Portraits of Deliverance Coloring Pages

These are the coloring pages that are taken from the Portraits of Deliverance book. After I drew these pages, I turned it into my needlework project, The Days of Advent Sampler. While drawing these simplified pictures, I thought it would be great to offer them as coloring pages with the ornaments. In 2006/2007 coloring books for adults was unheard of and I knew these drawings were more for older children and adults. I had several teacher friends who asked to use them and some home schooling moms, several friends asked for them to color as well, but then it went under my desk and joined my Portraits of Deliverance book. Now I am thrilled that children and adults alike are enjoying the pleasures and relaxation of coloring. I hope you will enjoy this project! Scroll down to see all the coloring pages.