Portraits of Deliverance Book

In the summer and fall of 2006 I created this fifty-page book, Portraits of Deliverance. I wanted to produce something that would tell the Biblical story of Deliverance through pictures, but not look like cartoons. I felt that these stories should convey the significance they were intended to have. Because I love medieval art and Pennsylvania German fraktur art (which I have always thought was their interpretation of medieval art), I decided to use that template for this book. I really cannot offer a reason for why I did this book. I had no idea what to do with this project once I completed it. It sat in a notebook under my desk for months. The next summer I decided to turn it into a needlework project. I knew I would need to simplify the designs. It was simplifying the designs that led to even more projects. Scroll down to see all the pages in this book.