I really love this Scottish painting. I think the colors are stunning. There is something very serene about a pastoral winter scene. However, I am not at all sure I would want to live out this scene in person… I’d rather just look at the painting! I will also say that I am extremely grateful this winter that I no longer live in the Chicago area. There are several scary words you hear in the winter depending on what part of the country you live in. I have decided though that “polar vortex” is the scariest word of all. Half of my family still lives in Chicago so they had to endure the extreme temperatures. When my children were young, it was always a challenge to figure out how to occupy them when it was just too cold to go outside. When I visit my grandchildren in Chicago, my granddaughter and I love to color together. My grandson could care less, but he loves playing hide and seek and hearing stories that I have written for them. I am beginning to add these stories to my website for those of you who have children and grandchildren that love to color. I hope you will enjoy them! You can view my first story HERE.