Mary Beale: How long have you been stitching?  Who taught you to stitch?

Linda Wallace: " Since I was a child. My grandmothers both embroidered and taught me. I began cross stitching in the late 70's along with my youngest sister. I began stitching samplers in 1980 - my primary stitching passion."

Mary Beale: Do you mainly cross-stitch or needlepoint?

Linda Wallace: "Mainly counted thread embroidery - a few needlepoint projects however. "

Mary Beale:  Do you stitch mainly for yourself or others?

Linda Wallace: "I stitch mainly for myself, but have stitched fourteen Mary Beale stockings, twenty one Prairie Schooler stockings (18 in one year) and four Shepherd's Bush. "

Mary Beale: What is the biggest needlework project you have ever undertaken?  Did you keep it or give it away?
Linda Wallace: "I have completed Laura Standish (stitched reversebly), a number of fairly large Scarlet Letters, and Essamplaire's map sampler. How could I give them away?
The first year I began my sampler Christmas tree I stitched 75 ornaments."

Mary Beale: Which Mary Beale design have you stitched?  Have you stitched more than one?

Linda Wallace: "As mentioned above, I have stitched many of the Mary Beale stockings. I also have done many of the small samplers as Christmas ornaments. "

Mary Beale: Do you have a favorite? Why?

Linda Wallace: "I have adapted several of the samplers for covers of photo albums (for garden tours in England, Scotland and Italy). The next one is always my favorite as the designing and adaptation is so much fun. Next year will be France and I'm already thinking about what I will do."

Mary Beale: Do any of your Mary Beale needlework projects have a story

Linda Wallace: "I really enjoyed the cup of tea ornament which I adapted to "Share a cup of Christmas cheer). I also loved the sampler stocking ornaments from the online class last year."

Mary Beale: Do any of your Mary Beale needlework pieces have special additions such as old buttons or jewelry or vintage lace?

Linda Wallace: "Not yet."

Mary Beale: What do you collect?

Linda Wallace: "Antique needlework tools and needlework books."

Mary Beale: Do you have any special old needlework in your home such as old samplers, Victorian or vintage beaded bags, etc?

Linda Wallace: " I do have several antique samplers. Two I especially like are: 1) one worked entirely in beads and 2) one very large one behind my needlework tool Christmas tree."

Mary Beale: Do you live in an interesting old or special house/farm?

Linda Wallace: "I am a master gardener. Stitching is my passion in the winter, but in the spring and summer I am in the garden all the time. I'm a great believer in the sister arts of embroidery and gardening."